Pray for Grace

I do pray for grace.

I remember reading something in the 70’s asking if we would act differently if our lives were televised. At one point, the writer pointed out that at least we might show some sort of odd grace when we were doing something mundane and possibly stressful, like running to catch a bus.

I haven’t seen that Jim Carrie movie The Truman Show, but I understand it turns out less gracefully, because he hadn’t realized he was being televised without his consent or awareness.

No, I’d like to know, and in any case, stay in grace.

Here are the lyrics from a great song by Michael Franti (& Spearhead) called “Pray for Grace”


Pray For Grace

Why must I feel like this today?
I’m a soldier but afraid sometimes
To face the things that may
Block the sun from shinin’ rays
And fill my life with shades of grey
But still I long to find a way
So today I pray for grace.

I take a moment to myself
So I can heal myself
To feel myself
And be real myself.
Life’s addictions and afflictions
Cause abrasions from their friction
Sometimes, it’s easier to live in fiction.
I can run, but I can’t hide
From the pains that
Reside deep down inside.
There is no pill
That can be swallowed.
There is no guru
That can be followed.
There’s no escapin’
From my own history
Those that I hurt,
And those that hurt me.
I was dead for a million years
‘Fore I was born and
I’ll be dead for a million more
After I’m gone.
So I live, to give somethin’
That can live on
Like the way you hum a song when the music’s gone.
Like the warmth on the sand
When the sun goes down
And I’m sittin’ with myself
Nobody else is around but,


Been a long, long time
Since I been away
Been a long, long time
Since I felt this way
Been a long, long time
I found the words to say
How much I’m grateful
For my life today
‘Cause under every cup
You might find a nut
Behind every corner
You might get jacked up
At the end of every rainbow,
You might find gold
The last bite of your sandwich,
Hope you don’t find mold
‘Cause none of us
Can live the perfect life
The kind that we see on Nick at Night
And sometimes, we all
Just lose sight
Of the pain that will guide us
From dark into the light
We fall down yes, but we get up,
And sometimes we just need
A little bit of love
To help make it
Through another day
Into the night, into the light,
Into a Saturday
So in the morning when I’m waitin’
For the sun to raise
And my head’s a little foggy
Like I’m in a haze
I remind myself that
Everything is gonna be okay
I take a breath, slow down and say….


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