All I Ask Of You, Is Forever, To Remember Me, As Loving You (DUP-Sufi Dance)

I don’t know where I found this originally. When I discover it, I’ll give a link and the proper credit.

I know I found the following description of these two songs merged on the web after I danced it and sang it.

– beginning of quotation –

Ishq Alla (All I Ask of You)

Associations—Islam Islam
Tapes Found On—MidWinters Moon sing MidWinters Moon sing
Choreographer—dances of universal peace


Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah

The Spirit is at once The Lover, The Beloved and Love Itself.

Ths dance is from the Sufi Dance (Dances of Universal Peace) genre that was brought forth by Sam Lewis (Sufi Sam). It is a couple’s sacred movement.

It should be emphasized that witnessing the divine beauty in another being or allowing the divine Love to flow from one’s own heart, is very different than the ogling most think it to be.

This dance is best done when in a gentle state of collected consciousness or in a “witnessing” mode. (see the glossary)

The one attitude causes “stickiness”.

The other attitude causes integrity, centering, deepening and a fling of Unity. Though in any event a deeply emotional sense may well swell up within the breast of the dancer. When I first learned this dance I was a new member to the circle of Sacred Dance led by Yakzan Valdez in Honolulu. It was my practice at the time to keep the dances in a sacred space, so I never stayed after the evening sessions to chat with the other dancers. I slipped out right away. In this way I only knew the others through meeting them in a sacred dance. There was a certain woman who I did not know during that first year with Yakzan. But every time she and I would come to each other in this dance, the both of us would begin a deep and soft weeping. I can only assume it was because we were both innocent of heart and were truly standing naked in the sacred place.

It is up to you as the facilitator and the participant to set the correct inner focus.Courtesy patmcdonald

Words from English-language song

All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you.
All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you.

Words in Native Tongue from Sufi song

Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah
Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah
Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah
Ishq Allah Mahabud Líllah

– end of quotation –

8 thoughts on “All I Ask Of You, Is Forever, To Remember Me, As Loving You (DUP-Sufi Dance)

  1. I have some more info on the song for you. Please email me. I do know where the songs in that form were merged. They are actually two songs, not a translation.

  2. The dance consists of two circles with an equal number of people in each facing each other. In the dance, the circles move in opposite directions. Each dancer steps, turns steps so that the inner circle becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner. In the process, each dancer meets face to face with each dancer from the other circle and sings to them, “All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you.” Dance that for a few hours and it will stay with you forever.

  3. Thanks for sharing that image.
    Yes, I have danced it that way and yes, it will stay with me forever.
    It seems as if each pair of eyes across the circle is yet another blessing. In fact, they are!
    Also, it seems as if the circle of love continues forever. In fact, it does!
    Keep savoring the dance…

  4. “All I ask of you” is a Catholic hymn written by Benedictine Monk Gregory Norbet The sufi lyrics were not in the original and were added as a kind of ‘mash up’ later done by Quakers: This much loved sacred song both with and without the sufi additions is used in a lot of spiritual traditions.

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