Is the sponge clean? Buddhists on dishwashing, problem-solving, and relationships

There’s an interesting discussion in the Dharmacast from Deer Park Monastery.

Sister Dang Nghiem asks an unexpectedly profound question, “Is the sponge clean?

She points out that when they’re washing dishes each day, how often do we take care to see if the sponges are clean? If the sponges are not clean, the dishes will not get clean.

We are eager to help others. Before we make a statement or offer a solution to our beloved one, maybe the first step is to go within, to clear ourselves.

It’s in a talk on Beginning Anew.

It reminds me of something I just posted recently:

p.s. Deer Park Monastery has as their teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, also know as Thay.

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