we remember moments

Creative Commons license courtesy clappstar

Creative Commons license courtesy clappstar

We do not remember days, we remember moments

Cesare Pavese

For more about Cesare Pavese, the Italian poet and author, visit wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cesare_Pavese

Ram Dass said a lot about this topic in his book Be Here Now. Eckhard Tolle wrote about it in The Power of Now. In essence, all we ever have is the present moment, so let’s be alive in this present moment. In that way, we can be awake for all of those moments, which will enrich us and enliven us.

2 thoughts on “we remember moments

  1. I just found this quote by Cesare Pavese and used it in one of my entries. I collect quotes. I love you Pacific view. I hope that you are healing well. I had back surgery over a year and a half ago, and unfortunately, it did not go well. I think that with your outlook, you will do fine.

    I plan to visit again. Please feel free to drop in on my blog if you have a chance. http://poietes.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks, dear poietes!
    I’m glad you dropped by and left me your nice comment. I really appreciate it.
    Hey, that’s two great moments for me – one, when I read your message, and two, now when I’m replying to it. Thanks for those moments, too!

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