Love Principles

Living in love doesn’t just happen by itself. Following principles can be like aiming for the north star: you’ll be guided in the right direction even if you never quite reach that star. I offer the following infinite love principles as guideposts towards infinite love in your life.

Infinite Lovers constantly learn and grow. People without love think they already know.

Infinite Lovers believe “I create my life.” People without love believe, “Life happens to me.”

Infinite Lovers associate with positive, loving people. People without love associate with negative or unloving people.

Infinite Lovers act in spite of fear. People without love let fear stop them.

Infinite Lovers are committed to giving love. People without love want to be loved.

Infinite Lovers think big. People without love think small.

Infinite Lovers are bigger than their challenges. People without love are smaller than their challenges.

Infinite Lovers focus on being open to opportunities. People without love focus on obstacles.

Infinite Lovers admire other loving and romantic people. People without love resent loving and romantic people.

Infinite Lovers are willing to share about themselves and their self-worth. People without love think negatively about themselves and their self-worth.

Infinite Lovers are excellent receivers. People without love are poor receivers.

Infinite Lovers choose to get love by giving. People without love choose to get love without giving.

Infinite Lovers focus on their core love in the present. People without love focus on the past or future

Infinite Lovers manage their love life well. People without love mismanage their love life.

Infinite Lovers have their love work hard for them. People without love work hard for their love.

Infinite Lovers seek to expand the love they offer. People without love try not to lose love.


– Infinite Love Principles (c) 2007 – All Rights Reserved – please don’t copy them without attribution or linking back to them. These principles, like love itself, are still works in progress and subject to change. Feel free to send comments & ideas.

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